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Drink #2: The Kratom Sour

Ingredients 2 Servings

Lime (2 whole) Lemon (1 whole)

Bitters (5 shakes)

Simple Syrup (2 tbs)

Water (1 cup)


Martini shaker (or, like us, a shaker bottle)

Strainer Kettle Knife (duh)


1 Prep ingredients; halve fruit and boil water

2 Make kratom base, mix boiling water with kratom, enough to suspend. Juice lemons and limes into martini shaker or bottle through the strainer. Mix kratom base with juice, stir.

3 Add 2 tbs of Simple Syrup, five "shakes" of Bitters, 1 cup of water, then ice.

4 Shake! Then serve

5 Enjoy!